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Chuck Hahn returns to brewing with Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co

The tag of ‘legend’ does get thrown around a lot these days, but when it comes to Chuck Hahn and brewing the mantle of ‘beer legend’ is deserved, so it is exciting to see Chuck come out of retirement to launch Chuck and Son’s Brewing Company, with his son Scott.

The new brewery is scheduled to open in St Peters next weekend, with four beers on the roster, with those beers having been carefully considered by the brewing team to bring nostalgic, refreshing and sessionable beers back to Australia’s beer-loving consumers.

Scott Hahn told Beer & Brewer that while they understand times are incredibly tough, they believe they can build a brewery, beers and brand that will engage the public.

“There are so many challenges and headwinds right now and obviously we have been watching from the sidelines and taking a lot of learning and feeling for a lot of the brewers out there. From Covid, to deferred excise and the ATO coming through, there’s a lot of challenges, even getting the right staff and team.

“But then with the economic outlook and cost of living, hopefully there are hints of that back, so we have taken a lot that on-board. But we still think there’s an opportunity there for a brand like Chuck and Son’s Brewing and the concept of classic craft or nostalgic craft, with brews being made by an industry legend. We’re bringing some comfort and certainty when there is so much uncertainty around, so that’s where we are coming from.

“We also wanted to take on some learnings and we wanted to design a spiritual home and somewhere that can really uplift the brands and that’s our Tap Room.”

Chuck added: “I think the main thing is the onsite venue is somewhere that people can come and enjoy our beers in style, enjoy the food and really socialise. We have a 700sqm site, so we have invested a lot of time and money into the site so people can come, sit down and enjoy our beers. As Scott said we have been working on this nostalgic beers and I am just so pleased with the outcome after we’ve spent six months fine tuning the recipes.”


The beers that the team has decided to launch with are The Original Pilsner, The American Ambler, The Two-World Pale and The Touring Radler.

Speaking about the beers, Chuck told Beer & Brewer: “We’ve called it The Original Pilsner, but it’s a classic style of Pilsner using mostly Czech Saaz and 100 per cent malt, it’s a really good quality beer, not too high alcohol level, it’s a classic Pilsner.

“Then the American Amber is a really interesting one, it’s very similar in colour to the James Squire Amber Ale and it’s a bit of a cross between a Newcastle Brown and a Fat Tire. This one is a bit different, there’s still the Crystal Malt to give a rich backbone to it and some American hops give it some really nice aromas and a thick creamy head on it.”

Chuck also said the Radler was a connection back to his German heritage, with Scott adding: “With the Radler we wanted to offer something to younger legal-age drinkers and those people who don’t really like the full taste of beer. I know there’s seltzers out there but we said ‘let’s have a go at bringing back tradition to refresh pallets.”

Scott described the Two-World Pale as being like “a bit of a call-out to the American brewing industry and also the Australian brewing industry”.

He added: “So being those two worlds we have some beautiful Australian hops in the kettle and those kettle hops, with dry-hopped American hops gives us a really nicely balanced beer that I like to call a bit of an ode to the original pale ale, that classic American pale ale style – it’s delicious.”

As well as housing a fully functional brewery and The Tap Room, the Chuck and Son’s space at St Peters is also a nod to sustainability with items sourced and bought over time. This includes corrugated iron sheeting from a Hunter Valley winery and reclaimed wood from Pymble Golf Course and Far-Northern New South Wales, which form a centre piece to the venue as part of the back bar and 10-metre wooden bar.

The team has brought in Richard Van Grootel, a former brewer at Malt Shovel as Head Brewer and he works alongside Brew Master Chuck in creating, tasting and developing the beers. Richard has also been a key collaborator in planning and building the brewery and having worked alongside Chuck the pair are excited about sharing the beers they have developed.

As for the decision to come out of retirement, Chuck said: “The truth is, brewing for me is like breathing. I’d be kidding myself if I thought I’d be able to step away.

“I’d always planned to keep my toe in the water in some capacity, but when Scott came to me with the strategic proposal for this brewery, I knew this was it. It’s a way to cement my legacy – both in the beers and in my family – all while creating great memories and experiences for beer lovers.

“Both those who have supported me and enjoyed my beers since the very beginning, and those who are brand new to the world of craft.”

Chuck and Son’s Brewing Co. officially launches to the public on 18 May 2024 and beers can be found at The Tap Room at 3E, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd, St Peters NSW. They can also be found at, with Australia-wide delivery. Liquor store distribution and on-premise offerings are coming soon.

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