Taking Your First Steps in the Beer Brewing Process

There are many different steps to make in the home beer brewing process, and there are some ingredients that are essential, and the most important ingredient to the entire process is patience! To complete the whole beer brewing process it will take you at least three weeks, in some cases even longer for the beer to be in optimum condition and ready for consumption. Starting your own home beer brewing process takes some planning in order to ensure that all of the equipment is sanitized and ready for use by the time you need it in the process. The second part in this planning stage is gathering your ingredients for your favorite recipe in case you use beer making kits and beer kit packages you need to make sure they are ready to use.

All equipment and ingredients should be ready for use during your home beer brewing process.

If you miss a piece of equipment or an ingredient is missing, the beer may end up flat because the fermentation process did not work correctly or you have some other problem like the sediment not settling or the taste being off. You need to be a bit precise for brewing but if you use home beer making kits they are a sure way to get a good end result because these kits contain everything you need for the beer brewing process, including the ingredients. The only additions you need to some of the kits are the dextrose for the secondary fermentation process and the fermenting agent, some sort of malt or sugar according to taste. So called beer kit packages also include these ingredients. They are easy to use and the beer brewed is very tasty.

Equipment For The Ultimate Beer Brewing Process

The equipment for the beer brewing process has to be sanitized at the beginning of the process and each time it is used again. You need to do this to prevent a build up of bacteria. This could be harmful to the beer but also be harmful to you and who ever drinks it. Sanitizing is done with the use of bleach or iodine solution and all of the equipment used in the beer brewing process should be soaked in it for at least thirty minutes. After that it should be thoroughly rinsed and dried.

The Brewing Pot

A large stainless steel brewing pot is the first thing you will use in the home beer brewing process. This pot is used to heat the water after that the mix from the beer kit should be dissolved into them. At the end of this process the wort is ready for primary fermentation in the primary fermenter the second piece of equipment needed in the beer brewing process. The primary fermenter has an airlock and stopper to prevent air from outside getting into the fermenter, but also allows the carbon dioxide to get out so that it does not explode.

Of course you need other equipment like the bottling bucket, beer bottles with caps and sometimes a bottling machine. It is important to have dark beer bottles from plastic or glass. This will preserve the taste of your home brewed beer the best.

Home brewing is not as difficult as you might think, the beer brewing process gives you the security you need to get started and learn the basics. When you have gained more experience there is time enough to start some experiments with recipes and ingredients.

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