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UF scientists meeting craft brewer demand by converting hops to pellets

“Brewers use several forms of hops to make beer, including pellets, fresh whole cones, dried whole cones and oil extracts,” said Shinsuke Agehara, a UF/IFAS associate professor of horticultural sciences. “Each of them offers distinct advantages and is suited to different brewing processes. However, pellets provide practical advantages in terms …

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Journeyman Distillery launching Sea of Monsters brewery, hires award-winning head brewer

Journeyman Distillery plans to soon launch its Sea of Monsters craft brewery at its new American Factory campus in Valparaiso and hired an award-winning brewer to run the operation. The distillery, which Valpo native Bill Welter and his wife Johanna Welter founded in Three Oaks in Southwest Michigan in 2010, …

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