Slingshot at the beach

Head Turning Summer Fun with the Polaris Slingshot

Summer’s extra hours of daylight mean more adventuring and the eye-catching Polaris Slingshot adds more fun to all your summer outings.

Polaris makes 5 Slingshot models to choose from and we are test driving the Slingshot R model in the Portland, Maine area. The R offers “top-of-the-line, high-performance thrills for those who never settle for less and love to stand out.” Hopping into the cockpit makes us feel like we’re stepping into a race car…and we soon find that the Slingshot seems to bring joy to everybody, not just the driver!  It makes people of all ages smile and wave, toot their horns, start up conversations, and shout out “awesome ride.”

Maine, known as “Vacationland” for its scenic coastline, beaches, lakes, lighthouses, seafood, and nature areas, is a perfect place to go exploring with the head-turning Slingshot. Whether you’re an owner or enthusiastic test driver, here we list seemingly endless ideas for summer rides in Maine (or any coastal state) that you shouldn’t miss.

Slingshot at the beachHiggins Beach in Scarborough, Maine

Fun by the Water

Maine is blessed with an abundance of beautiful beaches, lakes, and coastlines and there are few trips out there more relaxing than taking your Slingshot for a ride along the water. With all its inlets and bays, Maine’s coastline measures an amazing 3,478 miles!  You can even take a ferry over to explore some islands off the coast.

Polaris Slingshot in the cityDowntown Portland, Maine

City Slicker

Portland is set on a peninsula extending into Casco Bay. The Old Port waterfront features working fishing wharves and converted warehouses with restaurants and shops. Nearby, the Western Promenade is a public park atop a bluff, offering beautiful views. Its surrounding district, the West End, is full of Victorian-era homes, including the Victoria Mansion museum.  You can make a pit stop at a local café to soak up the atmosphere.  When you park your Slingshot, no doubt someone will ask you about it.

Smoky Bear

National Park or Monument Ride

The open-air Slingshot is the perfect companion for exploring the natural beauty of the state’s national parks, monuments or historical attractions. Portland’s attractions include some of Maine’s most beautiful lighthouses including the famous Portland Head Light and Crescent Beach State Park, as well as historic buildings, and more.

Polaris Slingshot graffiti

Graffiti & Street Art Hopping

Just like the street art featured in many metros, your Slingshot is the perfect statement piece. Hop from one street art project to another, and put your vehicle in its natural habitat – an art jungle infused with creative energy.

Old Orchard Beach fireworksImage credit: Old Orchard Beach Chamber of Commerce

Watch Fireworks from Your Cockpit

Take your Slingshot for a spin under the showering joy of a local fireworks display. We happened to have the Slingshot over the 4th of July, but this isn’t your only opportunity to see summer fireworks. Look to a state fair, outdoor event, or even concert listings for some fireworks. Plan an epic ride that ends in watching the night sky explode from the comfort of your very own Slingshot cockpit.

Polaris Slingshot entrance

Taking the Scenic Route

Maine offers an abundance of historic streets, scenic routes, and alternative highways for joyriding. Do some local Internet research, hop in the Slingshot and hit the road for a real historic treat. Rolling hills, twists and turns are where the Slingshot finds its sweet spot.

Slingshot ice cream stopBig Daddy’s North Ice Cream in Hollis, Maine

Ice Cream Stop

Nothing screams summer more than a stop at a local ice cream shop. Whether you’re going 6 blocks or 6 miles, the satisfaction of a sunny, open-air Slingshot ride that ends with an ice cream treat can’t be beat.

Slingshot at Orchard BeachPalace Playland at Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Amusement Park Fun

Head to Palace Playland — a seasonal amusement park located in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, not far from Portland. It has operated on the same site since 1902!  Here, the Slingshot is in its element.

Polaris Slingshot at Portland Head LightPortland Head Light

See the Sights

Portland Head Light is the iconic lighthouse in scenic Cape Elizabeth, Maine. The light station sits on a head of land at the entrance of the primary shipping channel into Portland Harbor, which is within Casco Bay in the Gulf of Maine. Completed in 1791, it is the oldest lighthouse in Maine.

Polaris Slingshot at Drive in moviePrides Corner Drive-In in Westbrook, Maine

Slingshot at night

Take in a Drive-in Movie

Nostalgic, fun, and even more romantic in your Slingshot – heading to a drive-in movie makes for great summer memories. The comfortable and open-air profile of the Slingshot is perfect for watching a blockbuster on the big screen on a summer night. And if the movie wasn’t so great? You still get a fast and furious joyride home at the end of the night.

Polaris Slingshot at Lobster Shack

Lunch, Brunch or Dinner Date at a Favorite Restaurant

Summer is all about getting out of the house and treating yourself to a nice meal once in a while. With room for leftovers and one passenger, your Slingshot can make any dinner date that much more fun.  Of course, the thing to do in Maine is head for the lobster shack!

Polaris Slingshot picnicWassamki Springs Campground, Scarborough, Maine

Enjoy a Picnic in the Park

Pack a small picnic bag and hit the road with your favorite person. With power, acceleration and head-turning looks, your Slingshot can get you to the most scenic picnic spots around in style.

Polaris Slingshot at Allagash BreweryAllagash Brewing Company, Portland, Maine

Stop by a Winery or Brewery

Maine offers a hopping beer brewing scene with many breweries and also a few wineries, so hop in your Slingshot and head for the a relaxing pit stop. (don’t forget to choose a designated driver)

Trivia: A total of at least 143 craft breweries are operating in Maine, according to data from the Brewers Association, and the state ranks No. 2 in the number of breweries per capita!  While Maine’s wine scene isn’t as distinguished as it’s beer brewing, it’s also worth visiting the vineyards and taking in a Maine wine festival during your time in Vacationland. There are now 24 wineries across the great state.

Slingshot group rideImage credit: Polaris

Group Ride

What better way to enhance your fun than to share it with other members of the Slingshot family. Check the Polaris Slingshot events page to find an opportunity near you.

sunset in MaineMaine sunset. Image credit: TripAdvisor

Chasing the Sunset

With the added hours that summer brings, you should have plenty of time for an epic sunset ride. Find some country backroads, old county highways, or scenic routes for a couple hours on the road as the blazing sun sets, and your Slingshot blazes across the roadways. Add your favorite tunes, and voila! It’s perfect!

Polaris Slingshot and American Flag

We can already think of even more fun things to do with a Slingshot in summertime, like attending a weekend party, outdoor concert, art fair, farmer’s market, polo match…or maybe even getting into a local 4th of July parade down Main Street. The Slingshot adds tons of extra fun to already fun activities!

It’s all about embracing the joy, exhilaration, and freedom of the ride and where the Slingshot can take you. It’s about the memories you’ll create, the sights and sunsets you’ll see, and the new friends you’ll make along the way.

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