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Tips to Make Labels for Home Brew

Making your home brew is one of the enjoyable hobbies with many obvious benefits. It will make you be more creative and stylish in fitting your personal tastes and enable you to share your skills with your friends and family. The home brew will be a terrific gift for all occasions. Creating a personalized label for your home brew is only a way to express your style. Here are some steps to make labels for your home brew.

For the first step, you should get blank labels. The blank labels that will be printed from the home printer are great for the home brew labels. You will find that these are also readily available at all office supply stores. Even though they seem small, but they can fit on your home brew bottles perfectly. They also give plenty of room to express your creativity.

For the second step, you should get the template. The labels packet has the information on how to format the labels in Word. In this case, you will find that using template will take the guesswork out from reformatting. This also make it easier to get started with the labels.

For the next step, you should select an artwork and also a style for your labels. You can think about the look that you want for your home brew labels. You can go to classic with the old English look. You can also go for more modern look with your photo or picture of something funny. However, when you are going to select the artwork, you can simply insert it to the template. In doing this, you should go to “Insert From File” and select your JPEG file. Then, resize it as you like but you have to make sure that you will have enough space for other information.

Additionally, you should include the type of brew, the date and also the other details that you feel they are important to include. After that, you should pick the font that will match the artwork that you use. For example, if it is funny and casual, you can go with Comic Sans font. Or, if you go for old English, and you can use the Old English font.

Furthermore, you can design different looks for different brews. For instance, the Pale Ale label will be bright and also light or the Stout that will have the darker and more foreboding look. You can play with the different looks till you come up with the signature appearance or even theme that you want.

For the last step, you can print the labels. Make sure that you use the perfect settings in order to make sure that the images and graphics are clear and crisp. After that, peel the labels before sticking them to the clean and dry bottles. Finally, you will be ready for presenting your home brews to your friends.

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